Baby Feed Timer Image

Baby Feed Timer Breast feeding, bottle feeding & baby log

Designed by and for breastfeeding/nursing mothers who want to track when and for how long their baby feeds, including a useful reminder for when a feed is due. It even tells you which breast to start on!

With a focus on feeding it also offers great flexibility and allows you to log just about anything you want to keep an eye on or be reminded about.

Baby Sleep Timer Track your baby's natural sleep patterns

Record and analyse your baby's sleep pattern to help develop a sleep schedule that's compatible with their natural sleep cycles.

Pedometer How active are you really?

By taking advantage of the new motion tracking built into every iPhone 5S you can now see how active you really are.
Because the built in motion tracker of the iPhone 5S is used this is one of the few Pedometer Apps that doesn't use GPS and so won't drain your battery. There is also no need to leave it running in the background.

Visual Timer Help your child visualise time

Watch as the timer runs from green to amber to red, helping the child understand that time is running out.
A fun picture is slowly revealed as the time runs down and when the time is up the child is rewarded with an exciting sound, a flourish of stars and the picture spins.

A great motivator for preschoolers

visual timer

Play & Learn Colours, Animals, Alphabet

Help your child learn about colours, the alphabet and animals. Presented as fun flashcards with humerous sounds that will make your child giggle. Watch as they learn through playing.